Posters go under the hammer

A poster for Thorne's Theatre in Tynemouth.
A poster for Thorne's Theatre in Tynemouth.
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A RARE borough theatre poster is up for auction after being found at the home of a Yorkshire collector.

The poster – advertising Thorne’s Theatre in Tynemouth – is in good condition despite being more than 170-years-old and has created some excitement among staff at Newcastle-based Anderson & Garland.

Staff believe the poster is advertising a travelling theatre in the village on August 7, 1839, as Tynemouth did not have a theatre at the time the poster was printed.

Senior specialist Steven Moore said: “Posters of that date were made to be thrown away, they were nailed up so not many survived.

“They were cheap print on cheap paper, so to be the thick end of 200 years is rather rare.”

Another of the posters among the five included in the lot is for Boro Theatre in North Shields, showing ‘Ethel Clyton in If I were Queen’ and ‘Divorce starring Jane Novan’.

Although the poster is not fully dated, Mr Moore believes it was for shows on at the theatre from Monday, June 16, to Saturday, June 21, 1923.

Mr Moore added: “These posters are an interesting glimpse back into our past.”

The posters – expected to sell for around £200 – are due up for auction on September 11.

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