Praise for services and the community in flood response

I AM writing to pay tribute to the local response I witnessed following torrential downpours and significant flooding in North Tyneside on Thursday, June 28.

Emergency services, health services, voluntary organisations, North Tyneside Council and the whole community all rallied to help those affected; many of whom were left stranded in their cars, homes and businesses as the waters rose.

Some residents fared worse than others, and many vulnerable residents were at significant risk.

But thanks to the way our community responded, we were able to make sure the vulnerable were safe and well and get our resources to where they were needed the most.

I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who went out of their way to help others; from the residents who directed traffic and supported stranded drivers, to those who provided shelter to residents whose homes were flooded.

We are now focusing on the clean-up and checking the damage left behind, and will be working with our partners to look at what worked well, and what might be improved.

As we do that, I hope that our communities will continue to look out for, and support each other.


Elected Mayor of North Tyneside