Premiere for trio of films

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YOUNG award-winning filmmakers were given the red carpet treatment when three of their films were premiered this week.

Pupils from Beacon Hill Film Project showcased the trio of films at Newcastle’s Live Theatre on Tuesday.

The students, who all have a learning disability and attend Beacon Hill School in Wallsend, last year won the National Lottery Award for ‘Best Arts Project’.

Project manager Will Sadler said: “The young filmmakers write, shoot and edit their films, and also make the props, design the costumes, compose the music, take part in managing the project and planning their premiere.

“The premiere was a very exciting and emotional occasion.

“Their last two films were a tough act to follow, especially considering all the success they brought, but I think that the three new films possesses exactly the same imagination, humour and off-the-wall originality as their previous work.”

In 2010, Beacon Hill Film Project won the National Young Filmmakers Award, a First Light Award for Best Original Music, Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival’s Chris Anderson Award, a Kids for Kids Young Jury Award for Best Overall Film, and the National Lottery Award for the UK’s Best Arts Project.

The three new films look at three subjects from the perspective of having a learning disability; The Rules of Independent Travel; Make Up or Break Up; and Boogie 9,000: the Makaton Robot.

Young filmmaker Connor Rathbone said: “I really enjoyed making the films and was really proud when we showed our work.”

Move Talk Love was supported by Media Box, Beacon Hill School, North Tyneside Council, RW Mann Trust and Key Fund.