Project helps to train dogs

A new project has been launched to help train dogs for deaf people.

National charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is launching a new dog ‘training from home’ project in North Tyneside and is looking for volunteers to look after canines for four to six months, with regular visits from staff.

Ailsa Ramage, dog trainer from Whitley Bay, said: “We are seeking volunteers who can give their time to care for a well-behaved dog at home.

“Volunteering for Hearing Dogs is extremely rewarding and once the dog has completed their training, they will go on to change the life of a deaf person.

“Many trainee hearing dogs will benefit from being trained within a home environment. Volunteers do not need any previous experience of owning a dog.”

For more call 01844 348100 or visit

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is supported by more than 1,700 dedicated volunteers and currently have over 850 working partnerships between deaf people and hearing dogs across the UK.

Each dog learns to alert a deaf person to sounds such as the alarm clock, doorbell and smoke alarm – and they also offer greater independence, confidence and companionship.

Anyone interested in the dog training project will need to be at home for the majority of the day, have direct access to a secure garden and own no more than one pet dog.