PROMENADE: Design can not be endlessly varied

I have really been trying to make a useful input to the great issue of climate change, global warming and the inept policy changes by the latest governments in the UK, (including the Scottish government in its various forms at present), on energy supplies.

I have also noticed the smaller issues of North Tyneside coastal work, which continues to be the subject of substantial letters.

Though the facts have been stated repeatedly by the council, and by people like me, these correspondents still believe the council’s engineers and all those other public bodies who have some say in England’s coastal works have got it all wrong.

Climate change or not, Ms Carr (News Guardian, December 3) speculates on endless possibilities as though these costly sea defences are a Legoland construction and can be endlessly varied once a full design has been established and contracts for construction placed.

Heavy marine civil engineering will have had a number of variations considered during design, then putting out to tender, but only one version can be built in the end for a contract price.

Due to having to use two walking sticks myself and being quite old, I have advised that, where possible, safe easy sloping access is required for all able and disabled people at such facilities as Watts Slope toilets, and similar at Tynemouth, Cullercoats and the Fish Quay.

People who believe certain sites are in council control should establish first who they actually belong to; the owners have rights in law.

Any Victorian splendour, original or copied, must lie in the eye and mind of any beholder. The not very historic concrete-form balustrades, when replaced, fortunately do not stretch for all that far, I am glad to say.

With some difficulty some time ago I took a photo of the concrete construction at the north end of Whitely Bay beach as part of my research of the crumbling sandy banks there. I also captured a set of sandcastles and ponds, which I found to be much more acceptable than the newly constructed sea defences in the background.

Sandcastles are made in endless variations, but unsightly concrete cliff is not, but people like me shut up about such matters (usually).

AM Johnson,