Proper public meeting needed

WE have now had two public meetings on the Cullercoats regeneration plans, and both have attracted big attendances.

At the first we had lots of councillors and council officials, but no sense of a real public meeting, as, despite objections, the council cleverly divided the audience all up into small groups, and hence drew our fire, or should that be ire? The common voice was not heard.

At last week’s meeting the common voice was heard, but there were no councillors or council representatives present to listen, so that it felt like flapping at thin air.

Nathon Allonby took on the unenviable task of organising the whole thing single-handed, for which he should be applauded, but we need a proper agenda, and we need officers to address.

The deadline for consultation has now passed but deadlines can be changed and the people of Cullercoats are not happy.

What is required in the company of the relevant council people is a proper public meeting, with 15 minutes discussion on each single proposal followed by a vote on each.

This is democracy in action and can give proper expression to the feelings of Cullercoats people, who incidentally support several of the proposals on the table.

Incidentally Nathon called the meeting at Cullercoats Community Centre in response to concerns that the village was not being properly treated.

As such it would have been nice if the centre could have actively supported him instead of charging him a hire fee, which had to come out his own pocket.