Proposals to improve town to go on display

An artist's impression of how Whitley Road/South Parade could look with a few improvements.
An artist's impression of how Whitley Road/South Parade could look with a few improvements.

Plans have been drawn up by a community group for ways to improve Whitley Bay.

Residents are being invited to have a say on the proposals and pledge their support.

Following months of work, volunteers from the Whitley Bay Big Local Partnership will unveil their draft plans of how the town could look with a few small changes.

The plans will go on public display on Saturday from 10am to 4pm at its pop-up shop in Park View ahead of being presented to North Tyneside Council next month.

The masterplan has been designed by landscape architect Nick Wright, of PlaceOnEarth Landscape Design.

The proposals include improving the appearance and access along the main gateway to the seafront from the Metro station, part pedestrianising some of the town’s walkways together with the creation of small, open quiet spaces and the introduction of a recommended Whitley Bay colour palette for anyone carrying out external improvements to their properties.

Nick said: “Whilst undoubtedly some of our plans require significant capital investment, much of what we are suggesting would be relatively inexpensive.

“When people see the plans and proposals they will instantly be able to see where they fit in and what they can do to make a difference.

“We are hoping that people will pledge whatever support they can to the plans and that the plans can become a realistic vision for what Whitley Bay could be if we all work together.”

Lucy Harland, resident in the Big Local area and chairwoman of the environment steering group, said: “We would welcome feedback and support for the plans.”

“We can achieve so much more if we join forces to work collectively to ensure that the town is somewhere we can all be proud of.”