Proposed Parkrun is a good thing for borough

I AM writing in support of the proposed Whitley Bay Parkrun (News Guardian, March 15).

Parkrun is a fantastic set up and North Tyneside Council should be supporting this rather than putting obstacles in its path.

It will get more people active, which is something the government are trying to promote.

The council has said that Whitley Bay Parkrun can have a six-week trial.

It costs £6,000 to set up an event and as a charitable organisation Parkrun could not afford to justify that loss for six weeks.

They are saying that planning permission is needed to change the use of the Links from a public space, but it won’t stop being a public space.

Runs I have attended start with the race director explaining and reminding everyone we are using a public space and we therefore have no right of way and we must be mindful of other people and be courteous to them.

I understand that the council would rather use the Rising Sun Country Park, Northumberland Park or Churchill Playing Fields.

All of the volunteers for Whitley Bay Parkrun are Whitley Bay-based and want a Parkrun in the town.

The whole ethos of Parkrun is to be the future of running from the everyday person to the dedicated athlete.

A new concept in running, weekly, free 5km timed runs. A new future for running. From the amateur to the professional, from the community, for the community.

North Tyneside Council needs to look at the bigger picture.


West Allotment