Protecting borough’s ash trees

RESIDENTS are being asked to help keep track of a tree disease in the borough.

North Tyneside Council is hoping for help to reduce the risk of ash dieback.

Although there are no confirmed cases, the authority is taking necessary precautions based on emerging government advice.

Phil Scott, the council’s head of environmental services, said: “This is being treated as a serious disease presenting risks to the natural environment of North Tyneside.

“For that reason we’re taking a number of precautionary measures to reduce the risk of it spreading.

“It is estimated that ash represents one-third of Britain’s tree stock. We believe that figure will be representative of the number of ash trees in North Tyneside which has around 60,000 surveyed trees.”

Measures include:

n stopping using or recommending ash trees in any future landscaping schemes;

n providing training to employees working in the natural environment to help them spot diseased trees;

n preparing a map of known ash locations and seek information on where Ash has been planted within the last five years;

n providing information on the council’s website about the disease.

Members of the public wishing to report a suspected ash dieback incident should contact on 0345 200 0103 or e-mail