Protection of cliffs should be in plan

I would like to comment on Coun Lott’s letter regarding regeneration in Whitley Bay (News Guardian, February 12).

He covered a selection of projects but I feel he and the council have missed a fantastic opportunity to address the erosion of the cliffs along the north of the promenade.

The cliffs have suffered from erosion for many years now and it is already encroaching on the car park and golfing facility.

I wish protection of the cliffs had been included in the Whitley Bay plan, this could have been incorporated into an extension of the promenade to join the existing one at St Mary’s island approach, providing an excellent facility for residents and visitors whilst at the same time ensuring no further erosion from the sea.

I think everybody agrees that the token gesture at the north end of the beach is totally inadequate.

There are sources of funding for coastal defences, so come on council, please show a bit more vision and understand that money spent on this now will save a fortune later.

Gary Legg

UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Tynemouth