Protest rally over cuts to education

Brought to you by the News Guardian.
Brought to you by the News Guardian.

Campaigners battling against cuts to public services are holding a protest on Saturday.

Members of local NHS campaign groups will join teachers’ unions in a Stop School Cuts rally at Grey’s Monument, Newcastle, from 12.30pm to 2pm.

Health campaigners say the NHS is facing cuts of £22billion and potential privatisation of some services, while in the education service schools are facing cuts in per-pupil funding.

North East Health Campaigns Together – a newly formed alliance comprising several campaigning groups from around the North East fighting to save local hospitals, clinics and walk-in services – will be at the rally called by the National Union of Teachers (NUT).

John Whalley​, ​coordinator at ​Keep Our NHS Public North East, said: “We will support all people working in education.

“Health campaigns across the region are working together to oppose the ongoing cuts, closures and privatisation of our NHS.

“In the election, we call on the public to vote only for candidates who are committed to funding the NHS back to health.

“We need to return to a publicly funded, managed and delivered health and social care service.”

Tony Dowling, chair, North East People’s Assembly Against Austerity, said: “Schools right across our region will be suffering per-pupil funding cuts under the government’s funding formula.

“Just as with the NHS we see schools being underfunded.

“We need an end to the cuts and for our public services to be funded based upon need.”