Pub demolition is long overdue

I live in Whitley Bay. I’m sick to death of having the old Avenue pub at the bottom of my street.

I’m sick of the pigeons defecating everywhere. I’m sick of drunks using the archway as a toilet.

What annoys me even more is that the Mayor promised to get rid of eyesores like this before the summer.

I remember reading a notice pinned to the crumbling, graffiti-covered side wall of The Avenue which stated that demolition would start in May. How frustrating!

While I’m on the subject, I look forward to The Boardwalk being knocked down. It’s also a ruin.

If people want a cafe, they can go to the Links Art Gallery or the world-famous Rendezvous Cafe.

The Boardwalk was a scruffy place when it was open, and tended to cater for a lot of late night drunken teen parties.

My message to the mayor is this – give me the keys to the council bulldozer and I’ll do the job for you!

Cut the red tape and get renovating now.

Paul Kelly

Whitley Bay