Pub to stock every new beer brewed in the region

A NORTH Shields pub has built a specialised cabinet to enable them to stock every new beer brewed in Northumberland and Durham.

Oddfellows will also sell the beers direct from the barrel, which is an almost unique method in the north east.

Oddfellows landlord Graeme Oswald said: “The only bars I’m aware of that serve beer by this method are some festival bars and as far as other pubs are concerned I don’t know of any in this neck of the woods.

“It’s a very traditional way to serve beer which actually leaves more of the natural condition in the beer compared to when it is pushed through a sparkler to create an un-natural head.

“We are sure that this is going to be a huge pull to all beer lovers as both the beers on sale and the method of dispense are something new.”

Up to nine casks can be offered at once – six in the cabinet and three traditional hand-pumps – as well as one real cider and the ten strong bottle conditioned range amounting to 20 real ales on sale at any time.