Public loosare a disgrace

I would like to complain about the disgraceful toilet facilities at Tynemouth Longsands.

I certainly would not let my children use these toilets and wouldn’t wish anyone else’s children to have to use them.

I also wonder what visitors think when they visit from other parts of the country.

North Tyneside Council is always very quick to take the plaudits when Tynemouth Longsands scoops praise as one of the top beaches in the country yet they still consider these Victorian facilities acceptable in 2014.

What happened to Health and Safety?

Also I do not think it is the responsibility of Crusoes to provide toilet facilities at the beach, it is North Tyneside Council’s responsibility.

Tynemouth Longsands is held up as one of the treasures of the area and yet very little is done to improve it.

It would seem to be the policy that it will look after itself however surely at the very least the council could provide some decent basic facilities for the families that visit.

Summers come and go and still no improvement.

Philip Storey

by email