Pupils look to become '˜space biologists'

Students are taking part in a unique experiment as they become '˜space biologists'.

Saturday, 30th April 2016, 7:57 am
Brooke, Haashir and Evie with the seeds at Whitley Lodge First School. Picture by Jane Coltman

Youngsters at Whitley Lodge First School, in Whitley Bay, are among a group of schools and projects selected to grow seeds which have travelled in space.

Last September, two kilogrammes of seeds travelled to the International Space Station, returning in March.

And thanks to the Royal Horticultural Society, the seeds have been handed out as part of ‘project Rocket Science’ to see if it is possible to grow food on other planets.

The pupils will now grow two batches of seeds, measuring and recording key data before British astronaut Tim Peake reveals the true identity of the seeds at the end of May.

Yvonne McMullen, the EYFS phase leader at the school, said: “We are thrilled to be part of this historical experiment.”