Pupils look to support needy communities

A group of sixth form students are helping improve life chances of women and girls in poorer countries.

The girls at Kings Priory School, in Tynemouth, are working with fellow pupils and teachers to support those in poorer countries to gain a vital education they are missing out on by collecting water all day.

Women and girls in some of the world’s poorest countries have to spend their days trekking to collect water for the survival of their families, prohibiting any opportunity for work or education.

Kings Priory School has now set up a Charity Week in March where funds raised will go towards building wells and clean water for needy communities.

A total of £100 provides sanitation for a school class of children for two years, £1,500 provides a well for a whole community.

Kings Priory principal Gill Hewlett said: “I am regularly humbled by the number of pupils at our school who put other people before themselves.

“Our sixth form pupils are eager to put in every effort necessary to make a difference and we can’t wait to hear about the wonderful things their efforts will achieve for these young women and girls.”