Pupils mock up a European debate

Nick Clegg and the EU mock council.
Nick Clegg and the EU mock council.

Two students have learned more about the European Union after being selected to ‘represent’ a country at a mock council.

Seaton Burn College pair Chelcie Lyon and Scott Carter were among 30 secondary schools and colleges who took part in the mock debate at the cabinet office to talk about and make decisions on youth unemployment and air quality.

The event was organised by the British Council and the European Commission, with Seaton Burn representing Germany.

Chelcie, who discussed the topic of youth unemployment, said: “It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

“I think representing Germany posed a huge advantage as their youth unemployment rate currently stands at a low nine per cent.

“Our visit to the German embassy the day prior to the event posed a huge advantage to Scott and I, they were incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the two days.”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg welcomed the students and chaired the start of the session on youth employment.