Pupils warn of road dangers

SAFETY conscious pupils have backed a national campaign highlighting the dangers on roads near schools.

Students at Bailey Green Primary School, in Killingworth, have been handing out leaflets to parents and guardians, highlighting the importance of road safety around the school gates.

With help from North Tyneside Council’s road safety officers, the Year 6 students designed the leaflets while learning about National Road Safety Week.

Headteacher Lisa Taylor said: “While most motorists park safely and with consideration, like many schools, we have had some issues with people parking where they shouldn’t.

“The children have really enjoyed learning about Road Safety Week and have produced excellent leaflets with important messages.

“The leaflets have been very well received by people parking outside the school.”

The school held its own leaflet design competition to decide which children would hand out their leaflets.

One of the winners, ten-year-old Adele Armitage, said: “I decided to draw pictures of cars parking in the right and wrong way – I’ve given them out to loads of people.

“I think it was important to make the leaflets so we’re safe when we’re coming to school and going home.”

Coun Ed Hodson, cabinet member for transport and the environment, added: “We want to ensure that a child’s journey to and from school is safe.

“The creation of the leaflet has given us a great opportunity to talk to children about road safety issues, from crossing roads to recognising the dangers in and around car parks, as well as informing members of the public about the dangers of parking in the incorrect place.

“I would like to thank the children from Bailey Green Primary School for helping to promote road safety around their school.”