A question of balance for EU

We are entering the last leg of the long debate about our EU membership. It is a vital decision that will shape our destiny for generations and I urge everyone to exercise their vote.

Thursday, 16th June 2016, 4:29 pm
Mary Glindon MP for North Tyneside.

I know people want the facts so they can make the best decision, but there are few solid facts in this argument, although leavers are plain wrong in claiming we send £50m a day to the EU.

Overall, the decision is a judgement about the balance between the good and less good in the European Union.

Labour voters dislike the ‘Blue on Blue’ debate between personalities. But Labour and the unions overwhelmingly favour us staying in the EU, as do I.

We gain greatly from trading with a 500 million strong single market. The 2,000 cars a day we export to the EU could face a ten per cent tariff.

Immigrants do vital jobs and pay their taxes before many go home. And that is balanced by a million Brits who live elsewhere in Europe. The government should tackle bottlenecks in public services.

Labour will pioneer reform if we remain. The EU can more powerfully tackle corporate tax avoidance, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, lower energy bills, further improve workers’ rights, and protect the environment, which knows no borders. Leaving could also undermine peace and security in Europe.

These are my judgements and I hope they persuade you on balance.