Questionnaire to justify actions

SO, the mayor is kind enough to advise of further forthcoming ‘consultation’ on the council’s Core Strategy during October (News Guardian, letters September 29).

How is this consultation taking place? Was the letter it? Who is being consulted? What are the numbers involved?

We are told the previous consultation ran for “twice the usual length of time”. Probably because, as seems to be the case here, nobody will find out about it until the end of the assigned consultation period.

As a petition organiser from the previous ‘consultation’ I am one of the privileged few who has just seen the ‘revised’ Growth Options Study, and yet again, it provides us with the usual multiple choice questionnaire.

The council can then use the results to demonstrate consultation has taken place and to justify its actions.

There are so many holes that can be picked in the Core Strategy, and in the documents such as the Local Development Framework, Area Action Plans, and the Regional Spatial Strategy upon which it is based, that are too numerous to mention.

Suffice to say that in the very week she is lamenting the lack of available property there were some 500 homes available in this publication’s own property pages: for sale and rent, both ends of the spectrum.

The council needs to recognise that much has changed since 2007 when the Core Strategy was first conceived.

Even more since 2004 when its production was required by the former Labour government.

I have lived and worked in the north east all my life: for the past 12 years in North Tyneside.

It is the only time when I have felt – a feeling shared by the hundreds of people that I have spoken to locally – that the council works against its residents, rather than for them.

I have had enough. I intend to move out of the borough to an area where green space and amenity is valued, rather than seen as a development opportunity.


Hadrian Lodge West