Raising funds to help children's charity

A charity auction is taking place to raise funds to help children thousands of miles away.

Monday, 26th February 2018, 10:37 am
Updated Monday, 26th February 2018, 10:45 am
One of the children's playgrounds constructed and decorated by volunteers for Children's Vision International in Bogota, Columbia.

A group of volunteers from Whitley Bay Baptist Church are flying out to Bogota, Columbia, to carry out work for Children’s Vision International.

The charity – created by a former Cullercoats resident – set up a foundation to provide a free school, medical centre and four large children’s homes for the children.

Work has taken place over the last four years to construct and design playgrounds, as well as provide humanitarian aid for people in Bogota.

Now the next group of volunteers are preparing to fly out in August, with the charity auction aiming to raise more money for them to purchase humanitarian aid packages, children’s activities, maintenance projects, food and clothes.

The auction will take place in the hall at Whitley Bay Baptist Church, Park Parade, on Saturday, March 3. Viewing is from 9.30am with the auction at 10.30am.

Items so far donated include crockery sets, televisions, laptops, exercise equipment, musical instruments, vouchers, children’s toys, bikes, a mobility scooter, and more.

One of the volunteers said: “A lot of the children attending the school live locally, some live in the foundation and even then most go home or to relatives at weekends. Sometimes the relatives can’t afford to be off work during the week to look after them. The idea is to give them an education, it breaks the cycle of poverty.”