Recycling drive and mascot is making a difference at school

The Richardson Dees Primary School ECO-Action Team with mascot Max.
The Richardson Dees Primary School ECO-Action Team with mascot Max.

CHILDREN have been learning a load of rubbish as part of a recycling drive.

O’Brien Waste Recycling Solutions have been visiting schools in Wallsend and North Shields with their mascot Max to educate pupils on the importance of recycling and the consequences of sending rubbish to landfill.

Each school is also being presented with free recycling bins to encourage pupils and staff to recycle.

Richardson Dees Primary School, in Wallsend, was one of the first to get involved and thanks to help from Max, they have been awarded a Green Flag.

Nathan O’Brien, director of waste management, said: “Max has been a great help in taking the recycling message to young children.

“We wanted to create a character that children could relate to as opposed to just a businessman coming to speak to them.

“As children are the next generation and our future, it is of paramount importance that we educate them to show care and respect for the environment.”

Anna Ronsano, Year Four teacher and learning manager at the school, said: “We are thrilled to have been selected for a Green Flag Award, thanks to our own efforts and O’Brien’s input.

“We were delighted to meet Max and welcome him into our school as he gives our pupils a positive association.

“It’s important that children are able to make good environmental choices which will affect their futures and the future of their local communities.

“Thanks to our involvement with O’Brien, our pupils are keen recyclers who know which bin to use for which item, and we as a school now use one general waste bin for landfill as opposed to the three that we were using before.”

Next month, O’Brien will be opening a viewing gallery at a recycling plant in Wallsend, where Max will be giving guided tours so children can experience the recycling process first hand.