Referendum call for mayor system

In normal circumstances the Liberal Democrat group on North Tyneside Council would have moved a motion to council to call a referendum on the mayoral system.

Of course, as everyone will remember, the last time we did that the Conservatives and Labour united to defeat the motion.

Unfortunately this year we don’t have enough councillors to move a motion to council without the support of at least one from the two other parties.

The Conservatives regard the mayor system as a really good idea, and so they would not want to risk a no vote in a referendum, and Labour will only vote for a referendum if they think that they won’t win the next mayoral election as they will be able to choose the replacement system.

I have therefore submitted a question to the mayor for a forthcoming council meeting asking them to give an undertaking that there will be a referendum before the next mayoral election is scheduled.

For the information of the writer of the letter about Tesco in Norham Road, planning committee did not grant it permission, and the council’s planning officers did not grant it. Tesco chose to put it there because they could and did not have to pay for any improvements to the road network

Coun David Ord