REFUGEES: Action is needed right now to help

I am sure that you, like me, have been deeply shocked by the photos of Aylan Kurdi dead on the beach because of the greed of people traffickers.

These people are fleeing the dangers of wars that this country has helped to start.

The people of this country have a long record of protecting such refugees and it’s time we lived up to that proud tradition.

David Cameron says he thinks the solution is to resolve the situations in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and the other countries where these poor and desperate people are forced to run from in fear of their lives. Don’t we all!

If it were as easy as that it would have been done by now.

Repeating such platitudes is frankly a pathetic answer when they need action right now.

Contact him and let him know that this country should step forward and fulfil its international duties.

We are lucky to live in a stable and prosperous country, and we must share our good fortune with those in need. Cameron has been found wanting when real leadership is required.

Let’s hope some good can come from this, and the other countless tragedies of this refugee crisis.

Tom Carr

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