REGENERATION: Engineers know best

Noting a very valuable letter on Guide Dogs, (News Guardian, October 6), I followed the theme of the other three letters, which made very contrasting contributions as to the efforts of North Tyneside Council to regenerate the coast.

Saturday, 29th October 2016, 6:00 am

As I have previously written supporting the council and its associates, I found the letter of Audrey Coulter to be a fair judgement of work and recent public entertainments.

The contrast of views expressed in the New Beginning letter were remarkable, updating their many previous criticisms.

I believe the opinions by New Beginning and others largely obscure the value of their efforts to offer ideas which they may believe are constructive, though the sea walls and other constructions are in the hands of professional engineers and contractors, who will know what has to done, and the costs.

The letter of Mr Frampton made a sharp remark that Mayor Norma Redfearn had “waxed lyrical” about local school art interests and the plans for Whitley Bay promenades.

He went on to be even more lyrical about other seaside places in the UK, largely down south. These views may be well intentioned, but it is always a case of the cost and who pays?

The names of various artists were referred to, including the Cullercoats group, and I add the name of Rainbird, known locally. The showing of the works of all artists will always be an issue in their respective places, and I suggest the council does its best.

The Capita situation may be more of an over estimate of seaside engineering and it will be necessary often to assess the results revealed by demolition ‘up and down’.

The wishes of residents represent a minority only, however vocal.

AM Johnson