REGENERATION: Two great projects

The refurbished Spanish City is truly magnificent.

Saturday, 1st September 2018, 6:53 am

It oozes quality, elegance, good taste and a change of culture to meet the aspirations of modern day living. It deserves all the fine accolades the Press are giving it.

There are 140 jobs for local people in the building itself, and more will be created from the associated leisure and tourism support organisations.

It must be the jewel in the crown of a borough steeped in history and a European gateway to a county with unspoilt scenery like no other. Everyone involved in bringing this unique, iconic building back to life should be proud of what has been achieved.

The day before the official opening, another event took place in the north west of the borough.

Mary Glindon MP dedicated a group of 20 new council homes built on the site of the former Dudley and Weetslade Social Club in Dudley.

The loss of the club and others like it signalled a change of culture from the days when social life revolved around the working men’s clubs and miners’ welfares.

These affordable homes are a mixture of three and two-bedroomed houses and one and two-bedroomed flats, and have been built to the highest quality. They are magnificent.

Fifty-five families applied for the two largest houses, 50 more wanted the two-bed houses and similar numbers made a bid for the flats.

It is excellent news that 20 families or single people who qualified for council housing have now moved into a new home, but it is a small fraction of those on the waiting list.

Different though the two above projects are, the borough needs both sorts of investment for jobs and affordable homes.

There may not be another opening of the Spanish City for many decades, but Labour councillors are committed to more openings of affordable homes in the very near future.

Coun Muriel Green

Weetslade Ward