REGENERATION: Work is at a standstill

I wonder if you're aware of the huge anger and frustration felt by the residents of Whitley Bay regarding the lack of regeneration work being carried out on the seafront?

Thursday, 1st September 2016, 6:00 am

As I’m sure you know, North Tyneside Council was given approximately £34m to redevelop the seafront and the Dome in Whitley Bay, and this was announced amidst huge publicity.

Work was started a while ago, with some new footpaths installed and some mobile units erected, but nothing else seems to be happening, despite huge promises and huge optimism by the council.

Recently, large sections of metal fencing have been put up around the links for no apparent reason so the area now looks rather like a prison compound.

The seafront looks worse than it did before the money was promised, and absolutely nothing seems to be happening.

A local social media page shows complaints, criticism and anger from local residents, but we seem powerless to do anything about this.

The council is not informing us what the situation is. It has the money – what is it doing with it and when is the work going to restart? Pretty soon the weather will change and it will have missed the opportunity.

Whitley Bay is generally in an appalling state and the residents need to know why.

Kath Cape

Whitley Bay