Remember charity begins at home

Regarding Mary Glindon MP’s recent comments on the present flooding crisis (News Guardian, February 13), she has joined the usual round of criticising the opposition over a particular current crisis.

All parties tend to engage in this, which really doesn’t help their case at all but instead it always seems so petty and nonproductive, just trying to score points off one another.

Far better, I think, to inspire a national emergency appeal to donate money, warm clothes, food etc to the flood stricken areas, similar to those charities which are forever haranguing us on television for aid in Africa, Asia et al, along with the foreign aid which so many countries still get on top of all the charitable aid.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against charities by any means and have done my bit doing sponsored runs, swims and bike rides over the years, but let’s remember, we won’t be able to give to world-wide charities if our own people can’t manage to live and work productively because of their terrible circumstances.

Remember, charity begins at home, so come on Mrs Glindon, here’s a chance to walk the walk not just talk the talk.

Start an appeal or charity whatever you want to call it and I for one will contribute.

I did hear of some enterprising northern farmers transporting animal fodder to their fellow farmers in the south west, well done.

Bill Brown