Remembrance silhouettes take their place at Monkseaton church

The 'Tommies' silhouttes at St John's Methodist Church.
The 'Tommies' silhouttes at St John's Methodist Church.

Five special guests are being welcomed to a Monkseaton church.

St John’s Methodist Church in Ilfracombe Gardens is hosting a commemorative installation to the fallen of the First World War on Saturday and Sunday.

Five ‘There But Not There’ silhouettes, provided by the charity Remembered, will be displayed in the church and will also feature in the Remembrance Sunday service, starting at 10.45am, where the ‘Tommies’ will take their places in the pews.

Alongside the Remembering the Peace installation, the annual Charities’ Market will also be held on Saturday, from 10am to noon, at St John’s.

More than 20 local charities will come together, offering a variety of items for sale, including Christmas cards and gifts. Refreshments will also be available.