Reminder for revellers to not overdo it at New Year

Health chiefs are reminding residents not to overdo it at New Year.

NHS England in Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear is reminding people to stay safe, and drink sensibly.

Alcohol poisoning is not the only reason drinking too much can land you in hospital. People are more likely to fall and hurt themselves or get injured in fights they would not ordinarily be involved in.

Top tips for a hangover-free New Year:

• Enjoy yourself but do not drink too much;

• Alternate alcoholic drinks with a glass of water or fruit juice – this will help to prevent you becoming dehydrated;

• Never drink on an empty stomach;

• Pace yourself by taking small sips;

• Drinking in rounds can mean you end up drinking more than you intended. Opt out and drink at your own pace;

• To avoid your drink being tampered with, never leave it unattended.

Dr Mike Prentice, medical director for Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear in NHS England, said: “It’s a time for celebration, but nothing ruins the party mood more than starting the New Year in A&E.

“At this time of year hospital and ambulance staff spend a large amount of time dealing with people who are drunk or have had accidents as a result of drinking too much.

“If you keep an eye on how much you drink and are careful not to go overboard, you can have a great night and also save yourself a trip to hospital, not to mention free up services for those who really need them.”