Renovating bridge saves public money

The footbridge over Metro lines at Marmion Terrace in Monkseaton is being renovated by contractors for Nexus over the school summer holidays.

The main deck was lifted out last Sunday (July 20) so this could be done without disruption to trains or night working, and is due to be slotted back in at the end of August.

Your reader Charles Hall asks why we could not have saved time by putting in a new bridge (News Guardian, letters, July 17).

We considered this but the existing structure has decades more life in it, and by renovating it we both save public money and reduce the environmental cost from unnecessarily creating a new structure.

The work was carefully timed to avoid impact on the many families we know use the bridge to get to local schools, and we sent letters out to more than 3,500 local homes warning them of the work as well as publicising it through the News Guardian.

We hope our neighbours understand the need for five weeks’ work which, once complete, will mean the bridge is back in use by local people and secure for many years to come.

Huw Lewis

Head of Communications