Reply addresses the past projects

My recent letter criticising both Conservative and Labour Party councils for the decades taken to deliver the promised but still awaited refurbishment of the Spanish City Dome, caught the attention of current North Tyneside Council cabinet member Frank Lott, who responded (News Guardian, February 12).

While my letter focused on the current derelict state of the Dome, ‘the hoarding blown down and being left to rot where it lies, tree-like vegetation growing from within the fabric of the building, paintwork of the façade in decay and the Dome itself covered in green algae’, Coun Lott chose not to address the current pitiful state of the Dome, instead highlighting past projects not mentioned in my letter at all.

Coun Lott does respond to my point regarding the ‘long overdue demolition of the towering edifice of coastal decline, namely the derelict building formerly known as the Avenue Pub’, and states that this has been arranged, but offers no timescale for this to take place.

Also in his response is council credit for the recent demolishment of the old High Point Hotel.

However, it has not escaped my attention that no sooner does the council remove one derelict building along the coast than it creates another to take its place, namely the once popular Boardwalk Café, now confirmed for demolition under council decree despite the wishes and protests of coastal residents and other users.

The Boardwalk, now boarded up, not surprisingly becomes more derelict as the days go by.

I doubt that this building will be demolished as quickly as the council took the decision to condemn it and expect yet another eyesore to blight the coastline for some time to come.

It really is depressing when a councillor and cabinet member responds to issues raised by a resident then ignores the main point by referring different and quite aged past projects.

Whatever did the residents of Whitley Bay do to deserve such apathy from those elected to look after what is arguably North Tyneside’s finest natural asset, our coastline?

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