Report submitted on road survey

I am writing to inform residents that Collingwood Labour team has now completed the 2015 annual road survey.

Last years’ survey was a great success, with significant resurfacing works being completed in Preston Grange Estate as well as Barnstaple Road, Wyndam Way, Adderstone Gardens, Warenton Place and Phoenix Chase.

Pavement resurfacing work was also undertaken in New York village.

Roads and pavements continue to be a high priority for ward councillors.

This year’s survey has highlighted a number of smaller road repairs as being required across the ward, although I am delighted to say that this is at a record low.

It also identifies resurfacing works as being required in Murton Lane, Netherton Drive and Holystone Gardens.

Our report has now been submitted to officers and we will be keep residents informed as to when work will be delivered.

Coun Martin Rankin & Coun Steve Cox

Collingwood Ward