RESEARCH: Plea to solve mystery

The Cullercoats Family History and Heritage group has been given an anonymous authoritative document emanating from a Facebook page, which appears to hold a clue to a question befuddling me for some time in writing the story of the Fisher Mission Choir, started by John Lisle around 1886.

Sunday, 18th June 2017, 6:31 am

It cites a diary written by Lisle (1847-1912), although the owner of the document has no idea who its author is, nor where the diary might be. Can anyone help?

I need to validate a story that appeared in the Sunday Sun a number of times over a 25-year period between the wars, written by its editor John R Robinson, writing as Rob J Inson, under the heading Tales of Northsea (Northsea being Cullercoats).

Almost all of Robinson’s stories were collected from the senior members of the village and appear to be validated against accounts in the Shields Daily News.

This particular one tells how the choir won a singing competition at Howard Hall in North Shields, beating more than a dozen other choirs, for which Lisle was awarded a silver-mounted baton.

Unfortunately, each time this story is repeated, no date for this performance is noted, thus its legitimacy is questionable.

Nor does the Methodist Fisher Mission have any knowledge of such a event.

I am hoping that if the holder of the diary is prepared to identify him, or herself, this story can be validated and perhaps endorsed elsewhere.

Please contact me on 0191 435 9747, or see me in person at the Cullercoats Community Centre any Monday afternoon.

George Frampton

Whitley Bay