Residents are encouraged to take part in annual survey

I AM writing to inform residents that Collingwood Labour team has begun the 2012 Annual Road Survey.

The 2011 survey, carried out in February of last year, was a great success – with over 70 repairs taking place.

These ranged from major resurfacing works such as Chiltern Road, Polden Crescent, Westminster Drive, Honiton Way and Lynn Road to localised patching work and individual pot-hole repairs.

Although these repairs have been completed, our initial assessment this year is that the road network has deteriorated further, with far more pot holes and road fragmentation than previously seen.

Further to this, our recent residents’ survey has highlighted that pavements are also becoming an issue in some areas.

These too will be included in the survey going forwards.

As with last year’s survey, each and every repair will be reported to the highways department and monitored through to completion.

Residents will also be informed that repairs have been reported for their area.

A copy of the 2011 report, now showing the list of completed works, is available on the community website for residents’ information.



Collingwood Labour Team