Residents are invited to give growing a go

An innovative project has been launched to equip residents with the skills and space to grow their own fresh produce.

Grow and Eat North Tyneside will help residents to cultivate their own fruit and vegetables in a range of ways.

The public health initiative aims to provide communities in the borough with greater opportunities to access fresh vegetables for free.

People taking part will be offered seeds, tools and recipes using what they have grown, as well as advice about how to nurture the produce.

North Tyneside Council’s director for public health, Marietta Evans, said: “We’re working extremely hard to reduce health inequalities, and access to healthy food plays a big part of this.

“This is a fantastic project which will give people the skills and confidence to grow, harvest, cook and eat food that they have nurtured themselves.

“As well as the dietary benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables, the physical aspect of gardening is also an excellent way to keep fit and active.”

Grow and Eat North Tyneside is also supplying food banks with fresh produce, with the first batch handed to the BAY Foodbank.