Residents close off their street for youngsters to play

A community closed off the street so children could play safe and adults socialise with their neighbours.

Residents in Kenilworth Road, Monkseaton, closed their street as part of the ‘Playing Out’ initiative, with support from North Tyneside Council.

They successfully applied for a temporary road closure and stewarded either end of the street and redirected traffic.

As well as children who live directly on the street, families from neighbouring streets were also invited and about 30 children and their families joined in with the fun.

Cycling, scooting, skipping, football and playing with bubbles were amongst the favourite activities and the afternoon ended with an impromptu water fight.

Carol Ownsworth,a local resident, said: “I have very fond memories of playing out as a child, exploring my local neighbourhood and making firm friendships with other children on my street.

“Nowadays with traffic dominating our streets, it is much harder for children to play out and hopefully this initiative will be the start of changing that.”

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