Residents have long memories

Regular readers of your newspaper will be aware that the residents of Whitley Bay have been attempting to overturn a decision taken by the Elected Mayor Norma Redfearn and her Labour councillors to close and demolish the Broadwalk Café.

A decision which was made without any consultation whatsoever.

A group of people spent many weeks organising a petition and, having collected approximately 2,300 signatures, succeeded in forcing the council to debate the issue at its meeting held on October 23.

They were allowed five minutes to put their case with a further 15 minutes for councillors to have their say.

During those 20 minutes I observed appalling behaviour and comments by the Mayor and Labour councillors who treated the residents, who attended the meeting, with contempt.

The result was a forgone conclusion with all Labour councillors (39) voting in favour of the demolition process, which included the three Labour councillors for Whitley Bay who, in my opinion, have acted disgracefully by ignoring the residents they were elected to represent.

I feel that this matter is not yet over and further action will follow as feelings among the Whitley Bay residents continues to run very high.

My message to Mayor Redfearn and her Labour councillors is that you have ignored them once too often and they won’t forget.

Frank Austin

Whitley Bay