Residents’ mast fight taken to the capital

Chris Croft at the site in Hadrian Park.
Chris Croft at the site in Hadrian Park.

RESIDENTS battling against a phone mast sited on their estate have taken their fight to government.

People living in and around Addington Drive in Hadrian Park are angry at the mast, which was given planning permission after an appeal was accepted.

Initial planning permission had been rejected by North Tyneside Council, but phone companies O2 and Vodafone were successful with an appeal in December.

Residents battled for two months earlier this year to prevent access to the site by using their cars to block workmen, but they were forced to move their vehicles by police.

But they are continuing their fight, setting up the Hadrian Park Residents’ Action Group to get the mast removed – with more than 700 people voicing their concerns.

Former Battle Hill ward councillor Chris Croft has given his support to the residents and recently wrote to the Secretary of State highlighting their concerns over the planning application and appeal process.

Mr Croft said the initial application included the wrong postcode, which mean residents in Addington Drive were not consulted while they were not allowed to meet with the planning inspector on a site visit after the appeal had been lodged.

Mr Croft said: “There are a large number of very worried and angry residents who are wholeheartedly opposed to the mobile phone mast currently situated on Addington Drive.

“Our group has been working hard to uncover why this particular mast was allowed to be even considered in its present location.

“Our goal is simple, to have the mast taken down and re-located to a more appropriate location.

“We are not giving up until this mast has been removed.”

Mr Croft added there had been other cases of phone mast applications being either withdrawn or rejected in the borough, giving them hope that this phone mast could eventually be removed.