Residents’ parking should be a priority

I read with interest the letter from C Keville of Whitley Bay, re parking problems in Grosvenor Drive, Whitley Bay.

I hope that the best solution is arrived at for the residents.

I also hope that North Tyneside Council will urgently review the need for resident parking in Queensway, Manor Way and Princeway in Tynemouth at weekends and bank holidays.

Presently, due to a lack of public parking, these streets are now used as car parks, especially at weekends with people visiting Front Street and the market in Tynemouth Station.

As residents we often find our driveways blocked and the footpaths used to park cars on, thus making it impossible for pedestrians, wheelchair users and parents with prams to have free access of the footpaths, instead having to use the road.

This is dangerous, as usually the cars park indiscriminately on the footpaths, usually opposite each other, meaning that the free flow of traffic is not possible, and leaving very little room for pedestrians to safely negotiate their way.

I have highlighted this problem and the illegal parking on the footpaths to both Northumbria Police and North Tyneside Council, and both say that they take illegal parking seriously, but unfortunately we never see either police or council parking officials in these streets dealing with the problem.

Mayor Redfearn assures me that consideration will be given to resident parking in the above named streets either this year or in 2015, depending upon funds.

I have asked, without getting an answer from the council, what the long term strategy is for parking in Tynemouth,

The summer is approaching when the situation worsens and with the Mouth of the Tyne Festival looming, what will the council do to alleviate these problems?

Will they provide park and ride facilities? Will the police be robust enough to actually ticket offending vehicles? Or will the residents be left with the problems with no solutions

I can assure you that without a parking strategy for this event that Tynemouth will be gridlocked again.

And don’t ask the North Tyneside CCTV safety enforcement car for help,

I witnessed the vehicle blatantly drive through ‘no entry’ signs at the junction of Percy Park Road and Queensway in July 2013.

I reported the incident to the police and the council with the offending vehicle registration number. The reply from the council was that they would ensure it would not happen again.

Name and address supplied