Restore buildings to their former glories

Your front page article ‘Deals in place to remove eyesores’ (news Guardian, February 13), gives the impression that building houses on the sites of The High Point Hotel, The Avenue and Whisky Bends is a positive step forward.

The opposite is surely the case as this signals the final end of formerly successful and attractive venues for local residents and tourists alike.

With the demise of the Bay Hotel a few years ago, this only leaves the Queen’s Head open to pub ­goers on the seafront in this area.

Surely leasing these buildings at favourable rates for refurbishment to their former glories is a much better alternative to building yet more housing that no one can afford, to be similarly left to rot, and become modern empty eyesores like the over­priced apartments at the bottom of the Esplanade.

Gael and Tony Colwell

Whitley Bay