Rise will only make car parking worse

I see that North Tyneside Council has increased parking fees at the North Shore car parks by a whopping 50 per cent, from 80p to £1.20 per hour, unannounced and under the radar.

The Mayor thinks this represents excellent value for money. I think she must wear spectacles with rose tinted lenses.

Whitley Bay has never looked so bad and I hold little hope for improvement any time soon despite the promises of jam tomorrow.

Now the council seems fond of large rises. It put up councillors’ allowances by 25 per cent and now this parking charge increase.

This at a time when most people are seeing little in the way of a rise in their incomes.

What the council will achieve is even greater problems with parking in residential streets nearer the coast, another burden on local businesses and no doubt a long-term drop in parking revenue.

Never mind, let’s look at the positives, those lucky enough to be on high incomes and don’t mind paying the increased parking fees will find plenty of parking spaces to park their luxury motors while those unable to pay the increased fees will scurry about looking for somewhere free to park.

Of course you could always pop through the tunnel to South Shields and see what a real seaside resort looks like.

Oh, and by the way, parking is £3 for the day.

Michael Smith

North Sields