ROAD: No need to change it

Regarding the suggestion that Edwards Road be opened to allow extra traffic (News Guardian, April 28), I cannot see how this would help the amount of traffic around this area at school pick up and drop off times.

Monday, 9th May 2016, 6:00 am

Cars can quite easily enter Edwards Road from Whitley Road and would still have to use the narrow side streets to reach the school, even if the road was accessible from the seafront.

The residents of Edwards Road face enough problems with traffic, for example, often being unable to park in their own street due to the high number of cars that use it as a convenient car park for the businesses in Whitley Road.

The street is also closed every month under a scheme which allows children to play on the road without fear of being injured by a car. If the road was opened, I fear this scheme would be forced to end as it would become a major thoroughfare.

If drivers adhere to the 20mph speed limit and allow adequate time to pick up and drop off their children, the chances of a child being hit should be extremely unlikely.

Susan Laffey

Whitley Bay