Road safety reminder over the festive period

Police are urging people to be seen and stay safe.
Police are urging people to be seen and stay safe.

Police are reminding pedestrians and cyclists to be seen and safe during the festive period.

Officers are concerned that some revellers walking home after a night out may not be thinking about road safety, similarly cyclists need to ensure they can be easily seen by other road users.

Sergeant Dave Clement, Motor Patrols, said: "We want all road users to make sure they can be seen by other road users so they can be safe when they travel the region's roads. This means pedestrians need to stick to paths and take care when crossing roads and cyclists should make sure they wear suitable reflective clothing, a cycle helmet and have working lights displayed.

"We're also reminding drivers they need to be alert to these other road users, including revellers after a night out, who may be less attentive when walking home after a party, especially in adverse weather conditions where snow or ice may mean pedestrians are using the road.

"Where possible pedestrians should use a designated footpath rather than walking on the road. The old safety advice to stop, look and listen still stands, it's an important message and one that pedestrians should follow when crossing the road.

"We're advising cyclists to check their bikes have fully working front and rear lights for when its dark or visibility is poor. Lights not only keep riders safe, but help other road users to steer clear. Remember it's also an offence not to have them.

"We want everyone to get to their destination safely when out and about and be considerate to others on our roads.

"Operation Dragoon will continue to target dangerous drivers and do all they can to educate the people of the North East about how to stay safe on our roads and look after the most vulnerable road users.

"Whether road users are vulnerable because they are on foot or on bike or because of their age and lack of road experience, we are doing all we can to make sure we reduce the number of people hurt on roads in our region."