ROAD: Was closure in force?

I attended the Mouth of the Tyne Festival on July 9, at approximately 10am.

Thursday, 28th July 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 4:17 pm
Mouth of the Tyne Festival 2016 Picture by Jane Coltman

The road was barriered off, with notices stating that the road was closed – very laudable, safety of the public from traffic, etc.

I noticed a few little children running into the road and old people (of which I am one) relaxing, knowing that we would not be flattened by some vehicle trundling down the narrow road.

Then I noticed delivery vehicles accessing the road, delivering emergency supplies to various shops.

Then, lo and behold, a police officer trundles down the street in his battle wagon, I presume to a riot or major disturbance in the road that is barred to traffic. He parks up for a while, then disappears.

Then the ultimate terror, lycra man and woman, who scream down the barriered-off road, scattering pedestrians and little animals alike in their quest to save the planet, not only on the road, but also on the pavement.

I ask the question – why?

If the road is closed to traffic it should be closed, unless an emergency is in progress.

Perhaps the council or police would like to explain why this was not implemented.

James Logan

Whitely Bay