Road was not acceptable

I WRITE in reference to a letter by Heather Carr (News Guardian, November 17).

The correspondent, always an interesting contributor with an obvious deep affinity with the town and its prosperity, extols the council and mayor for their hard work in the maintenance and improvement of the area.

She mentions the swiftness of implementing said maintenance and other schemes.

I must take issue(s) with this, especially regarding the repair (or lack of it) of pot holes in the town and surrounds and the laissez faire attitude of the council in repairing these holes.

I sustained damage to my car back in May as a result of a ‘crater’ in the road.

My complaint to the council claims and insurance section, with accompanying photograph of the ‘crater’ I believe was treated with complete disdain, indeed, I was told the state of the road(s) was acceptable and did not constitute a hazard.

A letter to the mayor was forwarded, again, to the claims department.

I was told that road repairs would be done in November in Woodburn Drive.

Some work has been carried out, but there are still fissures apparent which have been ignored.

My wife and I have lived here for eight years and Briardene Crescent, just now, has recently been resurfaced.

I do not call that swift action by the council.

A tenant has told me that the situation has been a disgrace for years. I can verify that for as long as we have been here.

Incidentally, the offending pot hole (crater) over which I drove was suddenly repaired a short time after my complaint – how coincidental.

I feel sure many vehicles have been undermined by council delays in repairing these pot holes

The ill fitting and uneven paving stones will, I suggest, never be repaired.

These were in a dangerous state long before the cuts.


Whitley Bay