ROADS: Benefits of one-way

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Why doesn’t the council make Holywell Avenue and Queens Road one-way streets?

I see today that Holywell Avenue is getting a new road surface, as is Queens Road later this week.

That’s great news, let’s hope the speed bumps are not replaced. As a cyclist, as well as a car driver, those bumps were in a pretty poor state.

At certain times of the day, trying to drive along Holywell Avenue can be a nightmare due to the number of cars parked, as well the flow of traffic in the opposite direction. Queens Road is similar.

With both roads being parallel, wouldn’t it be feasible to have each road as a one-way street?

Not only would this make driving easier, it would reduce the congestion.

No doubt it would also reduce noise levels and pollution for residents of the two streets.

Just a thought.

W Morrison

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