ROADS: More users to consider

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Your correspondent is to be congratulated on reminding the mobile population on how to drive a vehicle on the road, (News Guardian, September 14).

Some may consider it rather condescending, like myself, but it was worth a little reminder on the Highway Code.

Would it now be too much to ask your correspondent to give the full knowledge he can impart to the cycling population as to how, where and when they should wear Lycra, ring bells and pay some consideration to those of us who are not fortunate to have bicycles, tricycles or scooters? (Actually, I wouldn’t mind a try on my grandson’s scooter).

Later, perhaps pedestrians could be informed of their responsibilities, i.e. walking on the roads, keeping clear of motor vehicles, etc. This could be extended to children and young mothers on crossings – my, how some of them need instruction.

Actually, the best way is to just let things carry on the way they have been for years and be vigilant about all the other people on the roads.

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