ROADS: We have to see action

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May I draw your attention to the summer edition of Our North Tyneside and the article about ‘The road to smoother journeys‘.

It states that North Tyneside Council recognises that the condition of roads and pavements is very important to residents.

This issue is very important to me, and I’m sure to many others. However, my experience suggests it is of little concern to our “listening council”. It may listen, but in my experience takes little or no action.

I have, for the last three years, reported what I consider to be a footpath that is not up to an acceptable standard. This was also reported by another resident.

I wrote to the council department responsible and was told it was in an acceptable condition. I supplied photographs of its unevenness, and after rainfall it is flooding, but these were ignored.

I wrote to my councillor, the mayor, and finally to our local MP – all to no avail.

This is not the only pavement I have highlighted. Last year I reported a pavement on my estate, which due to nearby building work had heavy vehicles parking outside, causing subsidence and numerous cracked slabs. Again, as yet, there has been no action.

As a motorist, I am well aware of poor quality road surfaces and potholes on the roads of North Tyneside and elsewhere, and I have reported many. No doubt the council is sick of seeing my email address. To give the department some credit, a few have received remedial attention, but others, even though in some cases close by, were given none.

It would be interesting to know, in numbers and in monetary value, the claims the council has settled regarding vehicle damage and injury cause by potholes, and the number it has rejected.

I see hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on cycle paths for the minority to use, or not use, but the majority of the residents of North Tyneside either walk or drive. This is unfair and not proportional.

I appreciate that there are budget constraints and limits as to what can be done, but let us see action rather than words to make North Tyneside a safer place to walk and drive.

Peter Moncrieff

North Shields