Rob treks Sahara for charity funds

A Tynemouth man has successfully completed a 100km Sahara desert trek to raise funds for a children’s charity.

Rob Craigs, 29, decided to raise funds for Starlight Children’s Foundation when his one-year-old daughter Sophia was taken to hospital with an allergy.

“Sophia was referred to our local hospital and there she was diagnosed with a milk allergy,” he said.

“Thankfully Sophia is better now but I wanted to fundraise for Starlight so they can continue their incredible work for seriously ill children in hospitals across the country.”

Rob flew out to Marrakesh in March and started his six-day trek to Ouarzazate.

“I felt on top of the world when I completed the trek,” he said.

“For miles all I could see was sand dunes and rocks.”

So far Rob has raised over £1,030 for Starlight Children’s Foundation, with donations still coming in.